Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Series books

Children often enjoy reading books in a series. Here are a three new titles in already established series that readers should continue to enjoy!

Atomic Testing Alan Tucker (Scholastic)
The My Australian Story is a great series and this title is another one. It is wonderful to read Australian history in an accessible format. the books not only have a entertaining story based on actual events but they also include historical notes about the events.
It is 1953. Anthony's family has to relocate to Woomera from Townsville. his dad is in the army and is assigned to work on the top secret atomic energy project for the Australian and British government. Sometimes he can't even tell Anthony where he has been! Anthony loves his new home and is waiting for the approaching testing of the new bomb. Interspersed with relevant cultural references, like test cricket scores, climbing Everest, and the Korean War, this is an enjoyable read.

Motorbike Bob (Pet Vet: #3 ) Darrel & Sally Odgers (Scholastic)
Trump, the animal liaison officer at Pet Vet Clinic is back and this time he tells about Motorbike Bob a border collie who thinks he will never need the services of the Pet Vet ... that is until Bob cuts his paw. But that is just the start of the trouble because Bob's human is also in trouble ... but where is he?
These books are fun reads with short chapters. With definitions for highlighted words and animal health information scattered throughout.

Anaconda Ambush Justin D'Ath (Penguin Books)
On this extreme adventure Sam Fox is found on a filed trip in the Amazon with his uncle (a botanists studying climate change) and when he's swept over a waterfall and lands in an underground lake - that's when the real adventure starts. There's treasure discovered and a rather large reptile. Native Indians, and other explorers (who aren't quite what they appear) are two more of Sam's Amazonian encounters!
The books in this series are great adventures and also riveting reads. Readers, especially boys, will really enjoy the fast paced adventure and excitement of each page. There is also a supporting website at www.puffin.com.au/extreme with previews and extracts, author information, games and competitions.

More series book soon!


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