Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Delightful Picture Books

More picture books - a few are funny, a few are sad but all wonderful to share .

Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea Lee Fox & Mitch Vane (Lothian)
Parents everywhere know the times when their children will not eat their food and for those occasions ... this is the book!
Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea, no matter how hard everyone tries to make him - except for pasta! His twin sister ginger eats almost anything and makes a prediction that her brother's cricketing future is not too good if he doesn’t eat! So off to the family doctor they go who has a special secret that makes Jasper change his ways!
Told in rhyming verse this fun read is also very important for children's healthy eating!

Her Mother's Face Roddy Doyle & Freya Blackwood (Scholastic)
Siobhan was three when her mother died leaning just her and her father, a very sad and quiet man who keeps to himself. They never speak about her mother. Now ten Siobhan cannot remember her mother's face although she can remember her hands, face and her singing. A beautiful woman Siobhan meets tells her that all she has to do to remember her mother is to look in the mirror - and she also has a message for Siobhan’s father. As she grows older her mother's reflection begins to be seen ... until as an adult, with a daughter of her own, she sees her mother's reflection and remembers the message for her father.
This longer text picture book for older readers of longing and family and remembering, is a beautiful story and has delighful soft illustrations.

Fredrik Goes Bananas! Melissa Firth & Cheryl Orsini (Scholastic)
Another fun book about food, problems and problems solving!
Fredrik was sick of eating fish at every meal ... which was kind of unusual for a fish eating bird and living where the whole island surrounded by snow and ice eats fish! So he stopped catching fish and came up with an ingenious idea for another food source. The whole village thought Fredrik had gone bananas as they watched his glass house take shape! a parcel arrives and Fredrik sets to work planting and soon the whole village has gone bananas.

Harry and Hopper Margaret Wild & Freya Blackwood (Scholastic)
This is a loving story with wonderful illustrations about love and loss and saying goodbye.
When hopper the puppy came to live with harry and his dad, harry taught hopper everything a dog should know and as hopper grew older he even helped harry with his homework. They were best mates. One afternoon harry comes home from school and hopper is not there to greet him. Harry can't let go of hopper but with time, Harry gets to say good bye to hopper in his own special way!

Enjoy these delights.

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