Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Fiction for younger and older readers

A stack of novels have come this way ... here are just a few with more to come shortly. These are terrific reads and will appeal to many readers.

Fire Song Libby Hathorn (ABC Books)
This is a great story - 24 hours in the life of a girl, Edith, who has been told by her mother to burn the house down that they live in to collect the insurance money. Things are desperate in her family. The family is split and life for Edith is exceptionally hard. with her mothers desperate demands echoing in her ears, Edith has to make her own decisions and to fight for what she believes in.

Dinosaur Knights Michael Gerard Bauer (Scholastic)
A really fun read that should have readers, especially boys, hooked!
This is time travel of epic proportions involving dinosaurs, wannabe knights and a scientist and a doubting journalist! Three different times are interwoven to bring this story to life.
A scientist conducts the most amazing experiment of anyone’s life. His experiment watched over by a dubious journalist is to stretch time and bring a living dinosaur from the prehistoric age to live in today's world. But not all goes to plan and the dinosaur is stranded in the middle ages where it is encountered by hopeful knights who must face this fearsome creature and the mystery must unravel.

A Ghost in My Suitcase Gabrielle Wang (Penguin)
Her Mama has died and 13 year old Celeste is taking her ashes back to China, her mother's ancestral home. Things are different in this country and her grandmother, her Por Por, is not what she expected. Her grandmother has a family gift - she is a ghost catcher. Does Celeste have this gift too? And there is also her Por Por's adopted child, Ting Ting whom Celeste must get to know and then unite with to confront the ghostly danger ahead.
A great story filled with wonderful Chinese culture.

Lighthouse Girl Dianne Wolfer & Brian Simmonds (Fremantle Press)
based on the true story of Fay Howe this book is part diary, part natrrative, part scrapbook. It tells the story of fay, who lives with her father and another keeper in a lighthouse, the last piece of Australia that the solders see boifre they set off for teh War to end all wars. Knowing semaphore, Fay is rapidly swept up into teh drama of war when she collects the semaphore messages of teh solderis on the troopships as they leave and sends them to their loved. she continues correspondence with one soldier while he is at war - until seh hears from him no more. A dramatic tale of harship and life and frienship.
This is a lovely book to hold and devour.

Wonderful fiction reads for wonter afternoons! Grab a copy from your local bookshop!

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