Thursday, September 3, 2009

These new picture are really delightful, great for sharing, for imagining and for every bookshelf.

Isabella's Garden Glenda Millard & Rebecca Cool (Walker Books)
This is a glorious book celebrating the beauty and change that happens in a garden and it all begins with a small seed is planted. Told in the style of this is the house that Jack built readers will be easily chanting along in this joyful recollection of the gardens and the environment as they explore the stunning bright illustrations.

Stuck! Charlotte Calder & Mark Jackson (Walker Books)
Flying a kite is wonderful fun but when the kite gets stuck in the tree how do you get it down? This is the problem Charlie encountered when one warm and windy day he went kite flying. So Charlie and his friends try many ways to get the kite down without success and until the cat enters the picture and frees the kite and the Christmas tree of toys ... but creates another problem.
This is a story that just about everyone who has flown a kite will understand.

Mannie and the Long Brave Day Martine Murray & Sally Rippin (Allen&Unwin)
This is beautiful ... beautiful verse and beautiful illustrations and beautiful imagination.
Mannie, wearing her ladybug dress, is going on an adventure with her friends Lilliput and Strawberry Luca and she takes along her special box that is full of secret things. In that special box is everything, big and small, that Mannie and her friends need to help them leap leap leaping and tip top toeing for having a successful adventure.

My Silent World Nette Hilton (Hachette)
Without sound the world is a very different place. Other senses come forward. But for one young child who has lived in this silent world and knows it so well it is all about to change as an unseen monster that fits tight and snug in her ear appears. For her, she will learn the new sounds but they will never be as loud as the sounds of her silent world.

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