Monday, May 2, 2011

Gorgeous Picture Books

Here is a collection of picture books that are just oh so gorgeous.

Dream of the Thylacine Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks (Allen&Unwin)
The release says that this is an "arresting and beautiful picture book" and it is so very true. The masterly illustrations of Ron Brooks are haunting as it twists from reflections of the Thylacine as it could have appeared in its natural state in the vast Australian landscape to the last known images of the thylacine as it appeared in captivity in 1937 in Hobart Zoo. These ilustrations will require repeated viewing.
 Margaret Wild writes some of the most lyrical and poignant picture books texts and this is one of those.
This book is another call to action for our vulnerable native animals and environments.

Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate Joy Cowley & Sarah Davis (Gecko Press)
This book is just delightful. I love the story about a fierce little woman who lived in a house at the end of a jetty. Here she knitted socks to sell the sailors who got their feet wet and played bagpipes to the seagulls. One stormy day a wicked pirate came to the house and demanded to be let in but the fierce little woman was strong and refused him entry even threatening to whack him with her knitting needles. but this wicked pirate wasn't as tough as his bluster made him out to be ... and things change!
The illustrations are just beautiful, imaginative and humorous and require repeated examinations - the parrot has many funny appearances. And don't miss the endpapers.

Goodnight, Mice! Frances Watts & Judy Watson (ABC Books)
A lovely good night tale in rhyming verse that will help those restless mice settle down to sleep.
It is time for four little mice to prepare to go to sleep - grandpa mouse is already snuffling and snoring and mother and father mouse have already called them to bed, but the four little mice have other ideas and want a little more play time before going to bed, first in the bathtub, then brushing teeth, right the way till the four little mice are fast asleep.

The Runaway Hug Nicholas Bland & Freya Blackwood (Scholastic)
A heart warming story with gorgeous illustrations makes this a loving book that must be shared with the whole family.
Lucy has borrowed her mother’s very last hug which she will bring back as soon as she has finished with it. First she visits her father and gives him a hug which he immediately gives back, then her twin brothers, and then her sister Lilly. Each in turn returns Lucy's hug but when the family dog Annie runs away with the hug Lucy has to tell her mother that her very last hug has gone ... or has it?

These are just perfect for sharing!

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