Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Picture Book Delights

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Two Peas In A Pod Chris McKimmie (Allen&Unwin)
Marvin and Violet have been friends since they were babies (dinosaur time according to Marvin) and these two friends absolutely go together ... like Roundabouts and swings, fish and chips, socks and shoes, and two peas in a pod.
But then Violet moves away (she says they are going to the moon) and for Marvellous it is unsettling - and he nearly puts her into the 'forgets' until ....
A book about childhood friendships and separations and reunions.

I Spy Mum! Janeen Brian & Chantal Stewart (New Frontier)
A little boy scans a whole lot of mums searching for his own, and sees a waking mum, a baking mum, a making mum, a roaring mum a scoring mum .... and many many more (including a ding-a-linging mum) but none of them are his mum ... until (of course) eventually he discovers her! told in rhyming verse with soft illustrations, this is celebration of the wonderful mums out there who do so many wonderful things!.

The Important Things Peter Carnavas (New Frontier)
Christopher's mother does everything from painting the house, to cooking breakfast, and building cites with Christopher because Christopher’s father has left the family. When she decides to remove some of the unimportant things from their lives, that just happen to be the things of Christopher's father, they are boxed and taken and taken to a second-hand store. Mysteriously, a few days later, the 'unimportant' things start to return until the mystery remains no more.
A lovely book about remembering, about parents, about absence and the way the unimportant things in life actually might not be so unimportant.

An ABC of Pirates Caroline Stills & Heath McKenzie (Little Hare)
Here it is ... just what all pirate-lovers (of all ages) have been waiting for ... an ABC book of pirates and all things piratical!
     A is for adventure on an azure-coloured sea.
     Hoist the anchor, maties, 'tis a pirate's life for me.
Great rhythmic text with absolutely entrancing illustrations of pirates - rather young pirates too. Also includes a list of objects hidden in the pictures and a glossary of a few of the more complicated words (eg: zephyr, mutiny)
Ahoy there maties ... This book has to be part of any pirate day!

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