Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fiction and not so Fictional Fiction

Fiction mostly and great reads - perfect for upcoming holidays, for competent readers and those early readers wanting solid chapter books.

What Bumosaur is that? Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, (Macmillan)
Here it is ... just what every Bumosaur fan has been waiting for -- the colour hardcover edition that is THE guide to prehistoric bumosaur life. With scientific names (appropriately in italics), stink ratings, and full colour illustrations, this is the essential reference for every bumosaur fan. Now you will know Why the Tyrannosore-arse Rex was so angry? Bumosaur fans will be cheering for this book!

The Frank Frankie, the newspaper that helps people, Ingrid Jonach & Cheryl Orsisi (Macmillan)
Imagine being in the last days of year four of school, although it is your fifth school year and you are planning and getting ready for the long holiday break with your best-friend-forever. Imagine that your boring teacher sets a school project about what you want to be when you grow up that must be handed in on the first day back at school next year. Imagine too that your best friend is going away to the beach without you. That's what happens when Anne Googanstein becomes a journalist and produces The Frank Frankie - with some spying and rescuing along the way!

Roland Wright, Future Knight Tony Davis & Gregory Rogers (Random House)
Here begins the adventures of Roland Wright, Future Knight, the second son of the village blacksmith who makes the best suits of amour in the land. Unfortunately for Roland being second son of a lowly blacksmith means his plans to become a knight seem almost impossible - until messanger arrives, a challenge is issued and Roland's knightly adventures begin - with his pet mouse nudge. A great read. Boys will love it. A 'chapter' book for competent early readers.

Dog Show Detective Penny Love (Lothian)
Here's a dog show mystery that has to be solved.When an aunt injures her ankle Tiff's holiday plans of scary rides and show bags are destroyed. Soon she is attending a dog show and parading her aunt's spoilt dog Muffin. She soon discovers that someones is sabotaging the winning dog entries - dog hair spray is replaced with spray paint and Muffin is dognapped! A fun read - especially for dog lovers!

Prime Suspect, The Floods #5, Colin Thompson (Random House)
This is the fifth title in the Floods series, the irreverant and humourous Addams familyish books where the monsters (well sort of) are the good guys!
This time the Flood children have been framed for murder. Now they have to stay hidden from the law and their evil enemy until, with a little bit of their own forensic and investigative work, they can prove their innocence. A bit of a ghoulish and freaky read ... lotsafun!

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