Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beautiful Picture Books

There are some really delightful picture books starting this year. Here are the ones that have just arrived that I really enjoyed.

Clinton Gregory's Secret Bruce Whatley (Scholastic)
Clinton Gregory has seven secrets - a secret for each night of the week. and with each night comes a new friend and they all gather togehter on Sunday to do nothing much at all ... or do they. where DO these friends come from? This is another wonderful book full of Bruce's humorous illustrations with simple exciting text. Kids will love the fun!

Columbia Sneezes Janeen Brian and Gabe Cunnett (Omnibus/Scholastic)
Columbia is a camel and so thoroughly enjoys the desert life. The only problem is that the desert breezes carry sand and that causes Columbia to sneeze. How does Columbia solve the problem - well after coming to the aid of a weary traveller a solution is soon found. The story in verse is accompanied by amusing pictures making this a great readaloud book.

I love to Dance and I Love to Sing Anna Walker (Scholastic)
These are beuatiful little books with simple langauge and illustrations about Ollie a zebra and his friend Fred, a dog. They are just right for little hands to hold. They explore the fun and excitement and joy of being young and singing or dancing ... sometimes in some unusual places!

Paraphernalia's Present Diana Lawrenson and Dee Huxley (ABC Books)
This is a lovely book about a special fiendship between Dottie and her friend Paraphernalia - a chook! Dottie is a very friendly person often saying 'hello' to those she meets without many 'hellos' in return. Thankfully there was always Paraphernalia so when Dottie has an accident Paraphernalia surprises her with a most eggcellent gift ... and lots of hellos are the result! A toughing friendship story.

Puffling Margaret Wild and julie Vivas (Omnibus/Scholastic)
These two great picture book creators are together again wonderfully telling the story of a young puffin as he learns to find his way in the big exciting world, from his hatching through until the time when he is strong enough and tall enough and brave enough to leave the burrow alone. A beautiful book about beginning independence.

These are wonderful books so go and grab them and share the joy of reading!

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Stephanie Roth said...

I just added "Love to Sing" to my wish list- it looks charming!


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