Thursday, February 7, 2008

Recent Reads & Some for Teens

Welcome to 2008 ... The Christmas holidays are well and truly over but one of the many grand things I was able to do on my escape to my aunt's was to read a bunch of books from last year, while ducks and geese and all sorts of fowl were calling in the background! And just a few mossies too!!! So here are a few of the titles that I read and enjoyed (a few more will come later).

Letters to a Princess Libby Hathorn (ABC Books)
Diana is an average girl. Her mother is dead and she lives with her stepfather and his bullying son. Friends betray her, her self image is poor, she is angry, she stuggles with life and often feels alone so she begins writing to her idol Princess Diana. This book looks at eating disorders, family relationships, and has a wonderful teenage voice. Libby writes wonderful books. This is another.

The Secret Army: Operation Loki Sophie Masson & Anthony Davis (ABC Books)
For teenagers, especially boys, who love the grahic novel format this is one to devour. Filled with adventures and mystery and amazing mind forces it is the story of three teenagers (and they have psychic powers) who find themselves on a remote island. And it is not by chance they are there.
This is a great boys own adventure book in graphic novel format.

Wishing For Trouble Kate Rorsyth & Mitch Vane (Pan Macmillan)
Ben and Tim wished they were knights in a real castle ... and, along with cousins, they soon were. Suddenly they were seen as witches and devils and fighting for their lives battling knights and helping a countess under seige from a dastardly neighbour.
This chapter book for primary school readers is thoroughly enjoyable and part of Kate's Ben and Tim's Magical misadventures series.

Laugh Even Louder Camp Quality (Scholastic)
Want a joke book that is really funny? Here is one that supports kids with cancer! Filled with original - and not so original jokes - from celebrities and not so well known people this book will have you giggling all the way. So ... have a chuckle, spilt your sides, laugh your head off ...

Here are two examples:
An atom walks into a bar and says "I've lost an electron."
The barman says "are you sure?"
The atom replies "I'm positive!"
Adam Spencer - radio announcer.

What happened after the two fish got married?
They had jelly babies.
Melissa Doyle - Sunrise Host.

Laugh even louder - great medicine for kid with cancer.

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