Monday, March 10, 2008

Simpson and his Donkey

This is a beautiful book ... worthy of its own entry.

Simpson and his Donkey (Walker Books)
The true heroic story of Simpson and his Donkey and their rescue of over 300 men during the battle at Gallipolli in the war to end all wars is a story that every Australian child should know.
This wonderful picture book lovingly recreates the horror of war as well as the magnitude of what Simpson and his donkey's undertook rescuing the wounded soldiers. The simply crafted story tells the tale while the illustrations need to be closely examined for all the detail that the illustrator has provided.
Added to the beautiful telling is the little known story of how unknowingly Simpson rescued his childhood friend!
Simpson's story is a tale of courage and mateship.
This is Australian history!

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jack johns said...

I'm glad it says "true heroic story." Some Historians such as Les Carlyon seem to relegate the story to Myth rather than fact.


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