Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wonderful Non Fiction

Non fiction books are featured here. They are great reads, packed with information and are just perfect for devouring and getting hooked in!

The Word Spy Urusula Dubosarsky & Tohby Riddle (Viking/Penguin)
For any reader who loves words then The Word Spy is a brilliant book that they must keep, read and devour!
Ever wondered why the English language has silent letters, why there is punctuation, what all the sympbols mean and what is an interrobang? Palindromes, mnemonics, oxymorons, lipograms, homophones, euphemisms, tautology, spoonerisms, malapropisms, and even similies (and smilies too) - they, along with other word wonders are all here. You'll even find out what a mondegreen is? Oh! There are cartoons, riddles and a special code to solve along the way. Grab this book for the wonderful world of words awaits!

True Green Kids Kim McKay & Jenny Bonnin (ABC Books)
Every single aussie can make a difference and go green to help the environment so what can kids do to go green? This book, filled with 100 ideas will give ehtme a start and help them make a difference - and it might just influence a few parents and other adults too!With chapters focussing on areas like the home, school and pets, with a glossary and websites and even an eco quizz, this book of simple ideas, like #13, take short showers, and #21, grow your own vegies, will help kids Go Green and make a difference.

Airborne Australia Kevin Patrick & Douglas Holgat (Random House)
From the duo that created Prehistoric Australia comes Airborne Australia, a book filled with great, easy to read facts, wonderful illustrations and even a colour comic strip!
Find out about the first aircraft designed in Australia (a convicted killer did that but alas it never flew); what aircraft wings and boomerangs have in common; about World War 2 Australian made aircraft; about the great australian male and female aviators; or the uniquely Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service and stacks more (even learn to draw a Jabiru - the plane that is, not the feathered bird).
Boys, especially those who love planes, will really fly with this book!

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