Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Series Read

Series books are great - if the readers really get hooked they will want them all. A few new titles in existing series have hit the desk recently. Here are some of the goodies.

Roland Wright, Brand New Page Tony Davis & Greg Rogers (Random House)
When we first met Roland he was hoping to be a knight ... now he has become a brand new page. He is to join the royal household. unfortunately for Roland there could be a few obstacles ... like the fact that the queen doesn't like mice (so nudge can't stay) and like many new students there is an older student, Hector, who thinks he runs the show. And when a rampaging elephant and Rolad meet I wonder who saves the day. Of course someone let the elephant out of his pen ... read the story to find out. A great yarn!

Danny daVinci: The flying machines of Lombardy Bruce Whatley & Rosie Smith (ABC Books)
Danny daVinci and his best friend Mick Angelo are back and this time they are building fantastic flying machines - all because the Duke of Millan wants to be the first to fly like a bird! The friends build a few machines but unfortunately they don't really fly far at all but eventually ... well it's in the book!. Simple text and humorous illustrations. A great easy read!

The Floods: The Great Outdoors Colin Thompson (Random House)
That crazy, wierd, kooky Flood family are back and this time they are on holidays - after all, everyone needs time off! The family even dig up granny and take her too. This time it is the beach, sand and sandcastles that causes all manner of commotion (along with circus chaos) ... after all the Floods can't just have time off without being immersed in trouble. Will the seaside town of Port Folio ever be the same?

Bonnie & Sam: Racing the Tide Alison Lester & Roland Harvey (Allen&Unwin)
It's holiday time. Bonnie & Sam are off mustering with their horses. They learn about abalone pocahers and also get to sleep overnight in the old shepherd's hut - alone. But it is the next morning that they begin their real adventure. They follow suspicious tracks along the beach that lead them to discover three men out in the surf clinging to Skull Rock! Are they the poachers? How will they be rescued?
For younger readers who love horse books this is a wonderful series with short chapters, lots of full colour illustrations and of course great stories.

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