Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Masterful Non Fiction

Here are a few non fiction titles for readers who want to fnd out information. These are great books.

My Place in Space Robin & Sally Hirst, Roland Harvey & Joe Levine (Allen & Unwin)
I loved this book when it was first published in 1988 and this new updated edition is just as wonderful with Pluto the dwarf planet appearing as well as updated scientific information. This wonderful 'starry' picture book is the story of two childen who inform a grumpy bus driver where they live - not just the details of their street, suburb, city and country ... but the exact place in our solar system, galaxy, and supercluster in the universe. A must for all budding stargazers!

Wool, Wagon and Clipper Ships John Nicholson (Allen & Unwin)
This series of Australian History books are wonderful reads and visually stunning. Young reders will not only enjoy the facts and information panels but the delightful illustrations as well.
Wool Wagons and Clipper Ships is filled with history. It tells of squatters with sheep stations the size of Scotland, lone shepherds, half-starved and half-crazy, bullockies, horse teamsters and cameleers carting goods across the outback, clipper-ship captains racing to overseas wool auctions, and Cobb & Co coaches carrying mail and passengers all over Australia.

Reading a book and learning at the same time - awesome.

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