Friday, May 2, 2008

Terrific Fiction

Some great new fiction for kids of all ages has been appearing. here are just a few of the great reads I have seen.

NIM'S ISLAND Wendy Orr & Kerry Millard (Allen & Unwin)
The book came first and this is it!
This is a wonderful read about Nim, a girl left alone on a tropical island with her friends ... a sea lion, an iguana, a turtle and a pelican with only a satellite dish for communciation to the outside world. It is about about pirates who want to establish a tourism getaway, a phobic author (Alex Rover) living on the other side of the world and how bravery comes in the most amazing ways! And once you've read the book go see the movie!

BLOOD OF THE INCAS David Harris (ABC Books)
A great historical adventure series begins with this title as the fearless historian and adventurer Hiram Bingham searches for the lost city of Machu Picchu. Venturing over rope ladders, up mountainous paths and treacherous cliffs, confronting cannibals and ravanous panthers are all just part of the true adventure that unfolds here.
A great read.

TREASURE FEVER! Andy Griffiths (PAN)
This new series (Schooling Around) is sure to be a hit.
With names like Henry McThrottle, he's the narrator, and Mr Brainfright, who has a rather unusual way of teaching his students (he teaches them to slide on banana peels), a gardnener called Mr Spade, and a principal called Mr Greenbeard and many more this makes a giggling read. Lots of fun especially as it involves treasure maps, volcanoes, a class bully, a villan and a classful of treasure seekers!

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