Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beaut Younger Fiction

Perry Angel's Suitcase Glenda Millard & Stephen Michael King (ABC Books)
This is a beautiful and moving story about belonging, being lost, about family kindness and finding your place in the world. Perry has spent the past seven years searching for a place to belong. When he arrives in the Kingdom of Silk with his battered and old gold-lettered suitcase and with hidden feelings - well maybe his time his luck will change.

Queasy Rider James Roy (Walker Books)
What do you do with a rusty, batterd, incomplete old bike? Well if you are Thicky and Nobby you fix it up and make it work (sort of). Then to makes some money Shirley (who gets half the profits for the suggestion) decides that you charge kids 20 cents in a challenge (with conditions) to ride the bike to the bottom of a very steep hill. The person who makes it all the way down without falling off gets the jar full of coins!
A great story in the new Lightning Strikes series - books with short, easy to read chapters, that are fun and fast paced.

Norton Saves the Day (Pony Patch series) Bernadette Kelly & Liz Alger (BlackDog Books)
Boredom even gets to horses so Molly decides to take naughty Norton to riding school. Molly and Norton are in for some very interesting lessons there. For young readers (especially girls) who love horses this series of short, well illustrated chapter books will be a fun read. The books also have a glossary and hints for pony care too.

Extraordinary Ernie & Marvelous Maud Frances Watts & Judy Watson (ABC Books)
Superheroes are back and this time it is Ernie and Maud - a boy and a sheep. Ernie wins the contest (he was the only entrant) to become a superhero but is not so pleased with having a sheep as his sidekick ... even if it is a talking, multilingual, fast sheep! But Ernie's opinions of Maud soon changes when they venture out on their first superhero advneture - and of course they win!

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