Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beautiful, Warm and Fun!

It has been a few weeks since the last listing but even bloggers need to grab holidays. In the meantime a large bundle of wonderful new Australian books have arrived so over the next few days some of these will hit these pages ... starting with these picture books.

Firefighters Sue Whiting & Donna Rawlins (Walker Books)
A wonderful story with perfect pictures about firefighters - those imagined and the real ones! When the children hear an alarm they know there is a fire so they dress in their uniforms, ride in their engine, connect the hoses, put on their masks and fight the fire - just like the real ones. Even their teacher joins in! But then when they are resting they hear a real siren and a surprise is in store. The real firefighters arrive and that is when the excitement really begins!
Just beautiful!

I'm Still Awake, Still! Elizabeth Honey & Sue Johnson (Allen&Unwin)
If you have a child who just won't go to sleep at night then this is the book to read and listen to with them ... and do make sure you examine the wonderful illustrations. The story is read by the author and can be listened to with the accompanying CD. The songs on teh CD are highlights from the story and also can be listened to alone.
The story tells of Fiddy, a young boy who at bedtime is still wide awake and can't go to sleep. when Parlo says to fiddy that he dreams up something sondrous and sings about it Fiddy the begins to sing to the 'things' all around before he finally falls asleep. A wonderful bedtime story.

How To Heal A Broken Wing Bob Graham (Walker Books)
When a bird with a broken wing is seen by young Will but ignored by everyone else in the busy city he carefully takes it home in his mother's handbag. With tender care, rest, time, and a little hope from Will and his parents the bird flies again. A tender picture book of care and hope with illustrations that must be closely examined for their own warm story.

The Naked Penguin Kym and Oliver Lardner (ABC Books)
When a little penguin, who was different from all the other penguins because he has no patch of white on his chest, decides to leave his home because none of the creatures will play with him, he notices that there are other 'different' creatures all around. And the result ... of course he learns the very important lesson of accepting who you are.

Lu-Lu's Wish Matt Zurbo & Ben de Quadros-Wander (Lothian)
Lu-Lu Jones is around about ten. She can clean her room and sort of do maths but she wants to be able to make something. She wants to do something special like everyone else. So clutching her wishing rock she sets out to find her something special. Unfortunately for Lu-Lu every attempt, from painting to playing a sax, is unsuccessful ... until something amazing happens to her wishing rock.

The Minsiter for Traffic Lights Tony Wilson & Andrew McLean (Lothian)
This is a warm family tale about a government minister who does his job so well that people never hear about him. Traffic lights are so much a part of his life that the colours are all around him. And when road rage requires a solution it is the minister for traffic lights who comes up with a new colour and law that will solve the problem.

Byuntu Ninti (What You Should Know) Bob Randall & Melanie Hogan (ABC Books)
This beautiful photographic picture book is told by 'Uncle' Bob Randall, a wonderful Anangu man from Uluru. He tells us what we should all know about an ancient and spiritual culture that is the very heart and soul of Australia. The book is a simple and gentle explanation of his people's relationship to all that surrounds them and why it is vital for us all to care for the environment. This is a book for all Australians.

These books will make great additons to any home or school library for kids of many ages.

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