Friday, June 13, 2008

Fiction and Non-fiction for readers younger and older!

Here are books both fiction and non-fiction for younger readers and for those older readers that have dropped onto the desk in recent weeks. They are all great aussie reads!

For younger readers - two new titles in existing series.

Pearlie and Her Pink Shell Wendy Harmer (Random House)
Pearlie is back and this time her pink shell needs a little work after the workmen have covered it in nasty grey paint that makes her shell a smelly one. With a little help from her friends everything is returned to normal but first Pearlie and her friends have to outwit the mischievous rotten rodents who have repainted and set up home inside. Readers all over love Pearlie.

Henrietta Gets a Letter Martine Murray (Allen&Unwin)
Something is making a scruffling noise under Henrietta's bed so there is only one thing to do ... set a pickle trap and catch the noise. Henrietta's discovery of Mabel May Hissop, a fairy with boyfriend problems, living in her sock under her bed, sets her on the path to the Big Bunch of Small Creature Ball where help is at hand!
A Henrietta read is always fun and this continues the tradition with its light text and wonderful colourdul illustrations throughout. For Henrietta lovers there are lovely new covers too. A real ball!!!

For Older Readers

PIP: The Story of Olive Kim Kane (Allen&Unwin)
If you ever wanted to find out what happens in the junior years at a girls' high school then this might be the book to read.
Olive loves things in pairs and perfectly organised - her family and her bedroom and just two but when Pip appears all this order changes and things become just a little less organised. This book is eye opening.

Finding Darcy Sue Lawson (black dog books)
This is a beautiful book about hidden secrets and revelaing truths that must be read. Based on the true story of the sinking of the Montevideo Maru (where more than 1000 Australian prisoners of War were killed) is the story of Darcy Abobott who is sent to live with her surly grandmother and silent great gandmother. Here she discovers a mystery about the WW2 death of her great grandfather also called Darcy and it is this discovery that leads her to find the truth about her own father's death.

Superb Non-Fiction

China: Land Of Dragons And Emperors Adeline Yen Mah (Allen&Unwin)
Why was the opening time for the beijing olympics set for 8.08pm on 8 August 2008?
What are the secrets guarded by the terracotta army buried beside the first chinese emperor
How old was the first emperor of china?
Why are dragons so special for chinese people?
What was the opium war about?
What admiral had a fleet of 317 ships and 26,800 men?
What Chinese holiday, over four thousand years old, is held on the fist day of the first moon?
How exciting to find a book filled with the answer to these questions and a whole lot more about wonderful China the land of dragons and emperors.

The Big Picture Book Of Environments John Long (Allen&Unwin)
What is environment and climate change all about? What was it like and what might happen? This is the perfect book with the right scientific answers. Filled with wonderful illustrations and stunning pictures of the environments this book is perfectly written for the primary school child (and others) who wants answers to the complex climate change question!
Enjoy .....

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