Thursday, June 26, 2008

Series Books -- New and More

It's always great finding a series that kids will love reading.
Recently some books have been released that younger readers will love to keep reading and will want more of. Some are funny, some are just crazy, some are fantasy and of course they are all great reads.

Philomena Wonderpen Is A School Camp Star Ian Bone & Janine Dawson (Puffin)
In this the third title Philomena wants so much to be the camp star. Unfortunately someones else always seems to get the points and her best friend Mina is spending more time with Sarah. Things go from bad to worse at the camp even with the wonderpen and the seems a disaster ... but all is not lost. Stars are given and friends reunite and wonderpen does some amazing drawings. Short chapters, lots of illustrations, real fun! And do see the website: for more information and activities.

The Undys - Itching for Action Michael Wagner & Gus Gordon (Puffin)
The undies are back and they continue to outdo each other. What is a manny? A male nanny of course and that is the job that Aunt Faber has found for Josh and his dad. But first they have a competition to embarrass the aunt who in turns has her own embarrassing turn! when they do start their manny work lots of fun and craziness begins. There's tug of water, over water of course where someone is bound to get wet, a tea towel-flag stealing contest and more Undy craziness ... with zany illustrations too.

The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton
More crazy illustrations and more rhyming mayhem ... what more would one expect from the two creators of the cat on the mat is flat and lots of other zaniness. Kids will keep giggling over cows and worms and scooters and stacks more.

Two NEW fantasy series for younger readers.

Escape (wolf kingdom series) Richard Harland & Laura Peterson (Scholastic)
Tam and Nina know of the legend of the outlaws, a band of free folk living away from the clutches of the overlords, the wolves, so when their house is attacked and they escape they set off in search of the free folk. along the way they find a monastery and a Brother inside with a mysterious magical belt ... but all is not as it seems.

Thorn Castle (sorcerer's tower series) Ian Irvine & David Cornish (Scholastic)
Being empowered with magic is beneficial to life in Tamly's village but when things start to go wrong magic cannot fix it. Instead it is left to Tamly, the boy who can't do magic, to muster all his courage and enter the tower of the evil sorcerer and destroy the evil plan.

Enjoy reading wonderful Aussie kids literature.

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