Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wonderful New Picture Books

Picture Books are a delight to read and enjoy, exploring the pictures as well as listening to the words ... especially with younger children. Here are some new ones:

Leaf Stephen Michael King (Scholastic Press)
Absolutely adorable is this gorgeous new (and very nearly wordless) picture book by this award winning author-illustrator. When a seed falls into the matted hair of a boy who does not like having is hair combed the seed begins to grow and an extraodinary chain of events occurs. When eventually his hair is cut, along with the plant growth conitnues in a new location and years later is still being adored and life continued.

When Henry Caught Imaginitis Nick Bland (Scholastic Press)
Henry, who is normally a very serious and proper boy is having strange thoughts ... and they dont make sense at all! Sudenly he is thinking of pirates, parrots, dragons, whales and much more. But Henry isn't ill ... he has caught imaginitis!
A wonderful story with great illustrations about a boy, imaginations and dreams.

Aussie Gems
This new series takes classic aussie gems and gives them a whole new life ... some with text reworking, but all with simple text and delightful illlustrations. These books are made to share with young kids! All are published by Omnibus Books for Scholastic Press

Give me a home among the gum trees, Bob Brown, Wally Johnson & Ben Wood
Click go the shears, Charlotte Lance
The three little bush pigs, Paul Dallimore

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