Friday, July 3, 2009

New Picture Books

Here are some lovely new picture books....

Stanley Paste Aaron Blabey (Penguin)
From the award winning creator of Sunday Chutney and Pearl Barley comes another lovely creation. Stanley Paste is really, really small and he hates it. When a new girl arrives at school she is really, really tall and she is not too pleased either ... but when these two team up and become inseparable they didn't seem to have the same problems and tall or short - it didn't seem to matter anymore.
This is a terrific book, Full of humour in both text and illustration. Another delight.

Crocodile Cake Palo Morgan & Chris Nixon (Fremantle Press)
This is a cooking recipe with a difference.
This cake really does come alive and instead of being eaten - well i am sure you know what happens next, that is until a little girl realises what are the ingredients of her crocodile cake.
A scrumptious rhyming yarn.

Crocodile River Diana Lawrenson (Working Title Press)
This book tells the wonder of a crocodile's very precarious life for every day is a struggle for survival - at least until it becomes the big reptile that it does ... if it gets that far in life. From the moment the egg is laid in the mound the crocodile can become dinner for another predator - whether it be the pigs who steal the eggs or the humans who catch the crocodiles.
The story is fun and the end papers are filled with crocodile information that readers who enjoy riveting facts will love.

Our Daft Dog Danny Pamela Allen (penguin)
Oh this is a wonderful tale great story and illustrations which we come to expect from this talented creator of picture books.
Danny really is a daft dog (i love the word daft). Everything goes wrong when the children and Danny visit their uncle and his dog at the beach. How can they all enjoy the beach ... well of course it is resolved when one of the children comes up with a great idea and tug-o-war is stacks of fun ... especially with a daft dog!!!Young readers - especially with pet dogs will love it!

Delightful picture books to share.

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