Thursday, July 2, 2009


A short break these past few weeks but back we are again with lots of new books:

Smart Babies: Mummy's Little Zoo Babies (blackdogbooks),
These two delightful board books in the Smart Babies series have lovely photographs of baby animals - and most people just love going 'ah' over cute baby animals.
In Mummy's Little Zoo Babies they are the are the fiercest, strongest, and bravest in the zoo as long as mum's around while in Mummy's Little Farm Babies the animals are spending time with friends even if things are quite perfect!

Gorilla Book: Born to be Wild Dr Carla Litchfield (blackdogbooks)
For children (and adults) who love animal books this is delightful one about gorillas. Simply told this brief book is full of information about gorillas.
With maps, breakout boxes, amazing pictures of gorillas, succinct double page information spreads each focussing on a different aspect of gorillas and gorilla life, a glossary and index, this is an easy to read book that will really get younger readers interested in this great ape.

Explorers: Filling in the Map of Australia Chris Miles (blackdogbooks)
How did the puzzle of Australia get put together by the early European explorers? This book will tell you how. Simply told in easy to read double page spreads this book puts the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of the mapping of Australia’s. Who were the explorers? What did they discover and how did it fit into the puzzle ... this and lots more is in this book!

Non-fiction books are not just for education ... they are also just wonderful to read and devour! Enjoy!

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