Monday, August 3, 2009

Fiction Fun

Don't Breathe A Word Marianne Musgrove (Random House)
This is a lovely sweet and moving book about two sisters who are looked after by their grandfather after their parents die. But when grandfather starts to act strangely, like going for 2AM walks, or climbing up to the roof to see if there is a radiation leak (he also knows about microwave oven leaks too!) or giving away money from the ATM - then something is wrong. He even starts calling one of the girls by their mother's name.
The girl's swear to keep this a secret but that’s not easy when a school project is due at the end of the holidays and when your older sister is not doing her fair share of the supervision (instead going to rehearsals for the dance concert all the time) and when your even old step-sister, who does not live with you, starts to realise that she has been neglecting you for too long ... things start to get complicated.

Minivers on the Run Natalie Jane Prior (Penguin)
This was a fun read.
The Minivers are two sisters who are just two feet tall! They are small! But they are famous and they are rich and they are HUGLY popular in their town, they do everything together. They even have their own TV show and most everyone adores them - but when their guardian, the ruler Papa King, has a stroke suddenly the perfect Miniver world is turned upside down. Now one has been kidnapped and one is on the run and someone wants them out of the picture. And of course their is a secret buried in the depths of the city archives that holds Papa King's secret documents - clues to what is happening, and there is also a half key that unlocks this room that one of the Minivers possesses.

more fiction soon .....

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