Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Then Morris Gleitzman (Penguin)
Having jumped from a train that was transporting Felix and Zelda to the Nazi death camps in Poland at the end of Once, the first title in this series, the two children now have to survive in a land where asking for help can be very risky. Grabbed by a Genia a "farmer woman" whose husband was taken away by the Nazi’s the children develop a bond with her and her farm animals. But all too soon, the relative calm of this life is shattered as the animals are taken away. Revenge is sought and ultimately a tragic ending occurs.
This is a truly beautiful book, deeply moving and emotive. It must be read.
A few words about Then from Morris ...
This story comes from my imagination, but it was of course inspired by an all-too-real period of history. In particular it was inspired by the people who risked everything to shelter strangers. That generosity and bravery will always shine for me, and is made even brighter by the darkness of that time.
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