Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Unputdownable Series Titles

These two books are rivetting reads and the start of two great new series for independent readers. Boys espeically will devour these books.

Edsel Grizzler (#1): Voyage to Verdada James Roy (UQP)
Imagine a land for kids where you only have to work for a few hours each morning - and all that 'work' is sorting out and categorising the misplaced things and then the rest of the day is FREE!!! No school, No parents telling you what to do (Edsel's are way over protective), Pizza for breakfast, no bedtime - just time to hang out with your friends doing whatever you desire. That has to be the perfect place. And Edsel Grizzler has found it in a parallel dimension at Verdada where everyone stays forever young in this fun place.
But be careful things are not always what they seem.
This is the first title in a new three part series. It is a great read.

Conspiracy 365: Part 1 January Gabrielle Lord (Scholastic)
Are you ready for a 12 part crime action-packed thriller series with one book coming out each month and being published all around the world by one of the best crime writers? If you are then grab this series! I couldn't put this book down. Alex Rider fans will love it!

Callum Ormond is 15 years old. It's New Year's Eve and a sick and wild-eyed man confronts Callum with the dire warning:-
‘They killed your father. They’re killing me.’
‘The Ormond Singularity. Don’t let it be the death of you too, boy!’
And he is told that he has to stay alive for the next 365 days. Suddenly Callum is on the run fleeing criminals and the police. Who wants Callum dead? What is the Ormond Singularity? How can he survive for 365 days? There are drawings on documents that Callum has to decipher. His uncle is nasty and wants Callum out of the picture. And the end of this book is a cliff hanger! Bring on book 2!

For more info you visit the website: www.conspiracy365.com where there are competitions and prizes, online games and much much more. Do also check out the (UK) trailer ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uNiX1cFO4g

These books will have readers clammering for more!


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