Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sport & more Sport!

A History of Cricket Catherine Chambers (Black Dog Books)
With the sound of bat on ball starting to echo across the playing fields of Australia this is a book to devour for all things cricket.
How did cricket begin?
What are the ashes?
How is cricket played?
Which countries have played the most tests?
What are some of the different forms of cricket?
Who's the best batsman of all time?
This book will provide some insights to these questions and a whole lot more.
Includes a timeline, the top 10 test captains, highest batting averages and more.
Read this to find out all about cricket!

FIFA World Football Records 2010 (Scholastic)
With the 2010 Soccer World Cup just around the corner this is a book that soccer lovers will want to read and read.
It is not just a list of soccer records. This book also inlcudes the 2009 FIFA world rankings (Australia is in the first column), information about the competing countries and players as well as events, including the FIFA world cup, that link the football family. Competitions, players, records and a whole lot more are included in these full colour pages - photos of many stars are here too.
What is the record international score?
When were Greece European champions?
Where is the world's biggest stadium?
Who is the youngest player to appear in a World Cup final?
This is the book that will answer these questions and whole lot more!

for Sports fans!!!

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