Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fiction delights

Oh it has been quite a few weeks between posts with trips attending conferences and right now putting the finishing touches to a booklet of techers' notes for the 2010 CBC shortlist for e:lit (the face of the Primary English Teaching Association) but never fear -- a heap of books have been read and will start appearing this week.
In the meanimte I wanted to add three titles that had completely slipped by last year. They are great fiction reads and of coruse are shortlisted.

The Whisperer Fiona McIntosh (Angus&Robertson)
This is a terrific fantasy novel, a triumph of good over evil, by an author more recognised for her fantasy titles for adults.
Griff has exceptional powers ... he can hear people's thoughts without them knowing. The greedy circus owner, for whom he works, wants to put Griff's powers to use - for his profit of course! Griff's friend Tess and her magical creatures also work in the circus and so this menagerie escape. But Griff continues to hear the voice as they flee. Meanwhile Lute, the Crown Prince of the realm of Destonia is under attack from his evil Uncle - who wants his throne and will stop at nothing to obtain it - even if it means killing his nephew. When Lute and Griff meet, secrets are revealed and their lives are changed forever as Tess's plan for survivial is enacted. There are also magical creatures, mysterious foces and amazing heroes within these pages.

Matty Forever Elizabeth Fensham (UQP)
This is a delightful story of friendship, families, jealously, betrayal and trust. It is a lovely read.
Bill and Matty are neighbours who share secrets that only best friends do. Bill misses his dad and is having trouble at his new school (he has moved a few times recently) but Matty and her family makes life easier for both Bill and his mum. Matty and Bill form a special club with just two members.
When a new girl arrives at the school, who lives a very different lifestyle to that of Matty and Bill, secrets are betrayed and trusts broken and the friendship is tested when Bill starts spending more time with Isabelle and it is up to Bill to sort this one out!

Darius Bell And The Glitter Pool Odo Hirsch (Allen&Unwin)
Another absolutely delightful work of optimism, frienship, family and hope from this wonderful storyteller.
For generations Darius' family has given a gift to the town every 25 years. Now it is the turn of Darius's father. But the Bell family do not have a gift of immense value to give to the rather obnoxious local council and so will loose their property and be shamed. But Darius has other ideas. He is determined to save the family honour. When an earthquake reveals a cavern that is exquisite to behold on the family property Darius begins the process, facing many obstacles, of making this the most delighful gift that the town has ever recievid.
But has Darius found the answer to the family problems?

Lots of new titles will start appearing here later this week.

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