Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun Fiction Reading

Three new fiction titles for fun reading!

The Detachable Boy with One Loose Foot Scot Gardner (Allen&Unwin)
This book is truly funny. a great read that will have kids in stitches ... stacks of kids have asked the questions what if my body parts could come apart ... well this book is one example of what would happen!
John Johnson's body parts fall apart he can be dismembered quite easily ... a sneeze can blast his head off, his feet can wriggle free and his hands can walk around all by themselves. So when Crystal, one of his best mates is kidnapped by men in vinyl suits and ends up being held in the USA as a prisoner what does John do ... he packs himself into a suitcase and is posted to the USA to rescue Crystal - aided by his other best mate Ravi.
A crazy wonderful read full of silliness and body bits!

10 Rules for Detectives Kierin Meehan (Penguin)
In a small country town its hard being an awesome private detective - there's nothing to be detecting at first. Soon Boris and Kev and the 'worst girl in the universe' Julia - are on the search for a bushranger's hidden treasure, find out about a horse riding ghost appearing, discover creepy bats appearing in town, find ancient letters and caves and mysterious people and of course come up with ten rules for detecting along the way.
Another fun read.

Don't Kiss Girls Pat Flynn (Penguin)
Tony Ross is in lurve with the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately for Tony he is not the best looking guy, girls don’t like him much and he's not too smart either. And as often is the case the path of true love is not too smooth! There is the school musical and kissing and braces all are part of Tony's story. And as Tony learns the art of kissing ... things go from bad to worse!
The six small stories that make up this book are fun! As well as the great read kids will be flipping pages to see the kids run at the top of the page!

Don't be surprised if there is lots of laughter and giggles when kids read these books.

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