Monday, September 8, 2008

New Picture Books for younger and older readers

Here we go with new picture books - including one for Christmas .... it's not that far away!

An Aussie Day Before Christmas Kilmeny Niland (Scholastic Australia)
Before the NIGHT before Christmas comes the DAY before Christmas and this is the book that explains everything that happened on that day. This glorious picture book is from the creator of the hugely successful An Aussie night Before Christmas.
'Twas the day before Christmas and in his beach shack,
Santa was snoozing flat on his back.
'Shake a leg, love,' Sheila Claus said.
'Time to get ready for the big night ahead.'
This is the book that tells how Aussie Santa gets ready to deliver his presents.

Cheeky Monkey Andrew Daddo & Emma Quay (ABC Books)
Cheeky monkey, sleepy head, funny bunny, lucky duck, silly billy ... they are all names that adults call their children and these words (and more) are all part of this delightful book. Explore life for a family as they move through the day beginning with a 'cheeky monkey' pretending to be asleep. This book comes from the team who created the award-winning Good Night, Me.

A Little Bit Christine & Peter Maniaty & Claire Richards (Scholastic Australia)
This book is a little bit of fun that celebrates growing up!What make up a three year old ... a little bit of everything rolled into one! it looks at all the little bits that go into making a person - the good and the bad, the kind and the mean - and there is story in the art work too for each 'pair of bits'.

And a picture book for older children that will surely pose many questions and much discussion...

Home And Away John Marsden (Lothian)
The refugee situation in Australia is well known. Many refugees arrive here from war torn lands or from lands where their lives are threatened.
Here is a different presentation of the refugee situation shown in a very different and shocking light. What if the refugees were a typical Australian family? How would they cope surviving the harsh realities of living life as refugees? What would happen? How would we feel? This book begins with an ordinary family on a typical day which rapidly changes the next day when the war begins -- the family soon become refugees.

Picture books are great for sharing - reading the words and exploring the wonderful artwork - enjoy!

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