Friday, September 12, 2008

More Great Fiction

Dangerous Games: Fletcher Smith, Sports P.I. Jonathan Harlen, (Scholastic)
This is sport, criminal investigations and detective work all rolled into one great read.
How did Don Bradman have a test average of 99.94? Was it because he had a good luck charm that the Don had now passed to Tom Baker who was scoring remarkably well until he lost the charm. Now it is the task of Fletcher Smith PI to find the lucky charm and restore it to its rightful owner ... but how do you find a lucky pig's foot when it was lost in a crowd of cricket enthusiasts? Will soemone new grab hold of it and become a sporting megastar?

One Beastly Beast, Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales! Garth Nix (Allen&Unwin)
Garth Nix writes wonderful stories and this book is a collection of four shorter stories. there are stories about a pirate and a beastly beast, strange inventions, rats, aliens, enchanted penguins and of course a princess, and a serpent and a dragon.
These are magical adventures and wonderful reads.

White Crane: Samurai Kids Book 1 Sandy Fussell & Rhian Nest James (Walker Books)
Set in the time of feudal Japan this is the story of Niya Moto a one legged boy training to be a great samurai warrior. When all other samurai schools reject him, the Cockroach Ryu, headed by Sensei Ki-Yaga, takes him in to join other rejected students -- Kyoko an albino girl, Mikko a boy with one arm, Taji a blind boy, Yoshi a huge boy who refuses to fight and soon Nezume. Under their legendary samurai warrior training they develop their skills in all of the samurai arts from sword fighting to calligraphy. Together, they make the treacherous journey to the Samurai Games and confront the mighty Dragon Ryu to compete for the trophy and the honour of being the best Ryu. Will the students master their strengths and their weaknesses and work as a team?

UFO Afloat Dave Hackett (Penguin)
The family is at it again on another unavoidable family outing and this time they end up on an ocean liner ... Jess has taken off with Brad (a wannabe rock star who is off to film a music video in front of a live volcano) on their 'love' journey. When the family chase the love birds and end up on the ocean all matter of craziness sets in ... and a little nausea too for mum who is struck with a contagious virus that confines her to her cabin for the cruise.
This is a ship load of fun and laughter and giggles.

Grab these wonderful books for fun reads.

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