Monday, October 29, 2007

Books for Babies and the Very Young

Recently a few books for babies and the very young, especially board books have come across my desk. These books are strong enough to survive investigative teeth, gums and messy fingers and of course focus on the child.

So, have a look at these:

Playmates Jane Tanner (Puffin)
A beautiful book about a young boy Ben, his best friend teddy and the new puppy dog which changes the relationship - but just for a while! This book about sharing and friendship. It has minimal text and is perfect for pre-schoolers.

Cuddle Time Libby Gleeson & Julie Vivas (Walker Books)
Two award winning picture book creators have crafted this title.What do two toddlers do in the early morning when mum and dad are asleep. They visit the monster's cave that is their parents bedroom and when the monsters rise it is time to jump and roll and paly and it is also Cuddle Time.

The Midnight Feast Margaret Wild & Ann James (ABC Books)
What do cheeky babies do when they can't sleep at midnight? They raid the fridge, meet at the middngiht Cafe and feast and party and play dress-ups with the food with other babies. Then just before sunrise, they all say goodbye and waddle home.
A glorious celebration of babies and food!

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