Friday, October 26, 2007

Recent Picture Books

Here we go with some recent aussie picture books.

Harry Highpants Tony Wilson & Tom Jellett (Scholastic)
Wear your pants high or wear your pants low while reading this book and giggle. This is a picture book that young kids will love becuase they ALL know someone who wears high pants. Older kids will love it too because they don't always want to be like everyone else - and that's just what happens here!

Midsummer Knight Gregory Rogers (A&U)
The Bear is back! And this time he is staging a dramatic royal rescue in a magical faerie kingdom. Here is a swashbuckling story of friendship and courage told with Greg's amazing pictures and of course NO words. This wordless picture book is fantastic - have fun creating the story as you go.

Santa's Aussie holiday Maria Farrer & Anna Walker (Scholastic)
Just in time here comes the answer to the Santa question every child asks at some time ... what does santa do when he's not preparing for Christmas?! why he spends his holiday in Australia of course. this picture book is a cool new aussie Chistmas tale about Santa and his adventures.

An Aussie Night Before Christmas Pops Up! Yvonne Morrison & Kilmeny Niland (Scholastic)
This picture book has been crafted into a gorgeous pop up perfect for kids big and little. See the tale of the night before Christmas told from an Australian view and with pop ups it comes alive!

Ride with Me Jane Tanner (Penguin)
This tender picture books is a lovng story about a girl, her mother's horse and hope and healing. Heartborken because her mother has died, Emma can't tend to the horse they both cared about. As it becomes more timid Emma has a change of heart and with courage faces her loss ... the healing begins.

Annie to the Rescue Deborah Niland (Penguin)
Annie is a brave little girl even when her brother tries to scare her so when her cat gets stuck in a tree it is Annie to the rescue! But things change when Annie realises she is stuck until she works out the way down - all by herself. A great book for young kids about determination and courage.

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