Friday, October 12, 2007

Here we go

Over the next short time (I won't say how long but the next few weeks) I shall start listing some of the new books that I have received over the past few months with a few liines about each title. I hope that you can use these to add to your library or purchase for presents.

So ... here we go:


What Will You Be? Simon French and Donna Rawlins (A&U)
by the wonderful team who created Guess the Baby. Full of insightful text about a school costume parade and a child wearing a rather unusual and very different dress-up costume and Donna's colourful illustrations ... imagine drawing all those kids!

Dimity Dumpty Bob Graham (Walker Books)
Everyone knows of humpty and his 'accident' but did you know he had a sister ... here is her story - by the creator of the Buffy, Max and Jethro Byrd.

Are You Hungry? Tina Burke (Puffin)
A fantastic new author/illustrator Tina's delightful nearly wordless picture book is a must for all pre-schoolers.

No Room for a Mouse Kyle Mewburn & Frey Blackwood (Scholastic)
I don't just like this book because the boy's name is Christopher. It is also a wonderful tale about busyness and friendship and sharing.

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