Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For Pre-Schoolers

Here are a few recently published books for pre-schoolers. These titles are great to read. The pages are made from card, they have brightly coloured illustrations and the books are FUN!

Whose Wings? Jeannette Rowe (ABC Books)
Jeannette Rowe has created the brightly coloured and sturdy whose series of lift the flap books. In Whose Wings? children can flip the flap and discover who owns the different wings that are revealed on each page. This series has bold colours and animals or features or objects, easily recognised by pre-schoolers. other titles include Whose baby? Whose Teeth? Tail? House? and Whose Poo?

A Wiggly Word House The Wiggles (ABC Books)
The Wiggles are a HIT and they will be a hit with this new series of books especially designed for the pre-schoolers. In Wiggly Word House children explore and learn to love language. There are puzzles, word matching and other language activites to do with your kids. There are even riddles from the Wiggles!

Purr Alison Lester (ABC Books)
One of the titles in a new series - Talk to the Animals. In this book, with colourful images and rhyming text, children are introduced to pet animals (some they might even have) and the sounds that the animals make.


Are You Hungry? Tina Burke (Puffin)
This book was published earlier this year. It is perfect for pre-schoolers. This nearly wordless picture book, about a little girl and her puppy who set off for a picnic and meet a lot of hungry animals along the way, is a story of friendship and sharing. It is a great book for adults and their preschoolers to 'read' and create a story -- together.

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Stephanie Roth said...

oooo! I can't wait til this one is out in the States! I have her earlier book FLY LITTLE BIRD. So charming- I just about cried at the end.

Really great blog, Chris!!


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