Friday, November 9, 2007


The Key to Rondo, Emily Rodda, (Scholastic)

Emily Rodda, the creator of the terrific Deltora Quest books that kids have adored reading has begun a wonderful new fantasty series. This is the first title.

An old music box has been handed down through the generations. It has rules that must never be broken. Leo, the new owner knows this but his least favourite cousin Mimi breaks the sacred rules. Soon they become immersed in the world of Rondo when the Blue Queen appears and kidnaps Mimi's dog Mutt. Now Leo and Mimi begin a thrilling quest as they too enter the world of Rondo. There are trolls, a very important talking pig, mice that run messages, and amazing hidey-holes ... oh and a whole lot more.

This is an exciting read but parents be warned ... like the Deltora books the kids will be asking for more and more!

More fiction titles soon.

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