Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Series Finals

These two books are the final titles in each series. They are wonderful reads and are books that both boys and girls enjoy.

Cairo Jim and the Astragals of Angkor Geoffrey McSkimming (Hachette)
Is this really Cairo Jim's final escapade? Since 1991 when the first adventure appeared kids young and older have been fascinated by the over-the-top adventures that this archaelogist adventurer have related to the chronicler (McSkimming).
In this the 18th title Cairo Jim has to unlock the meaning of ancient carvings from Cambodia, that have been found deep below the Old Relics Society in Cairo.
With great locations all around the world, memorable characters and a wonderful way with words these books have been constantly read and reread. And this book continue that great tradition. Classic Cairo Jim!

The Butterfly in Amber Kate Forsyth (Pan)
The final title in the 6 book fantasy series Chain of Charms is beautifully presented and written. These hardcover books with ragged pages set in mid-17th century England tell the adventures of two daring children, a monkey, a dog and a dancing bear. The children have been entrusted to find and unite the charms and return fortune once more to the gysies and save their family from the gallows.
This time the charm is a butterfly caught in amber. The children arrive in London, face the perils there, have to escape the vengeful Coldham and still have to rescue their families from the gallows. There's also a website: I know a library where these books are in high demand!
Posts coming very soon ...
the Christmas books that have been published for 2008 and
my favourite books that I have seen this year.

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