Wednesday, November 14, 2007


These books have been published in the past few months. They are great books and titles that I think many kids will really be able to sink their teeth into and even want to read more from these authors.

Give Peas a Chance and other funny stories Morris Gleitzman (Puffin)
Here is a collection of fiftenn funny stories that Gleitzman fans will love. Some of the characters from previous stories also appear. Boys will especially like the story called Greenhouse Gas. And in Give Peas a Chance we find out how not eating a plate of vegetables can really save the world and bring on world peace!

Lily Quench's Companion Natalie Jane Prior (ABC Books)
Back in print are the very popular Lily Quench books. This title, with two new short stories, is the book that every budding dragon-slayer needs to have so that they know about dragons and the art of quenching. The companion has articles, information about the nature of dragons and Quench family history and even exam questions (and answers) for Ashby Central School. Lily Quench is fun!

The Undys - Let's Get Physical Michael Wagner and Gus Gordon (Puffin)
There is a laugh or three on every page of this book as you read the slighly whacky and very funny tales of a boy and his dad. Each has a very competitive streak and they are constantly trying to outdo each other at just about anything like toe-wrestling or even dancing. This is the second book in the Undy's series.

Ranger's Apprentice - the Siege of Macindaw John Flanagan (Random House)
Just in case you have missed it, the titles in this series are hugely popular here and overseas. Boys especially love these books. They are riveting reads. I have only just seen this title (book 6 in the series) but was thoroughly grabbed.
In this title Will is on his first top secret mission as a Ranger. There is a castle to be saved, battles with bows and arrows, swords, traitors, criminals and there is treachery. Find out how Will fares!
Now to read the earlier titles because I want to find out how it all began. There's also a website:

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