Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fiction Fun

Here are some new fiction titles - fun and funny reads!

Just Shocking! Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Pan)
Okay it is true. This book is just shocking! But then what would you expect with the latest title from the crazy duo who also created the other Just books including Just Tricking! and Just Disgusting!
This latest addition will also be a hit with the kids ... especially the boys! And just make sure your reader also reads Terry's whacky illustrations scattered all over the pages!

Eric & Einstein John Heffernan (Pan)
Great for reading aloud or kids who have started reading 'chapter' books this book is fun. Younger kids will love reading about Einstein, a super intelligent mouse (created by the mad scientist Dr von Burpinburger) and Eric, a rather shy boy who doesn't do too well at school ... at least not until Einstein comes along. Suddenly Eric becomes quite the genius! Of course the mad scientist wants his mouse back.

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