Thursday, November 15, 2007

Easy Read Fiction

Here are some books published earlier this year that are just perfect to read aloud to children, or for the beginning independant reader who wants to read a real book on their own.

Pirates Drive Buses Christopher Morgan and Neil Curtis (A&U)
I love pirates, nearly as much as dragons, so this book instantly grabbed my attention.
This is a fantastic real aloud book, a great piratical tale about a pirate whose ship is stolen by monkey-crabs. He also runs a tour bus for sea creatures which is soon abandoned when he has to steal back the pirate ship. As well as human helpers the pirate's pig, which thinks it is a parrot also assists.
The reader will have nearly as much fun creating the voices as the child who is
being read to. Strong line drawings are also entertaining!

Oom Pah Pah! Cecily Matthews and Mitch Vane (ABC Books)
Maybe it was because I taught recorder in my classes at school. Maybe it was the references to practising every day of the week ... I loved this book too.
So how does a primary school student transport an E-flat tuba to school twice a week without the assistance of anyone else? Rosie finds the answer and plays a brilliant tuba!

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