Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonderful Younger Readers Reads

Some terrific titles have hit the bookshelves recently for the younger readers. Here are two more.

Open for Business Moya Simons (Walker Books)
What happens when two best friends - best friends because they both love 'detectiving' - start their own detective agency? Mysteries get solved ... like why are the newspapers disappearing from front lawns? Why has a client's girlfriend been avoiding him? And when a close friend of one of the detectives' discovers that she is adopted - well that is a major mystery the young sleuths of the Walk Right In Detective Agency must investigate. This is a wonderful humorous read - it even has case notes. Watch out for new cases in the next book!

Heart of Magic Penny Matthews (Walker Books)
What happens when two totally opposite best friends have a disagreement at the Royal Show? What happens when their horoscopes tell them that their best friend is going to betray them? When wishes really happen and gold heart pins seem to become magic does the prediction really happen or is it something less mysterious. A lovely story about friendship and putting things right.

Kids should enjoy these book. They have short chapters, lots of action, and they are great reads.

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