Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Younger Readers

Here three books for younger readers that are great reads. They are the next instalments of already existing books and are sure hits!

Sea Magic Kate Forsyth & Mitch Vane (Pan Macmillan)
Here is another Ben & Tim magical misadventure. This time they are meeting mer-children and together they have to overcome the 'viperfish' that is capturing all the sea creatures - including one of the mer-children. They get to breathe underwater and meet the mer-king and mer-queen in their watery domain. This is not the summer holiday adventure that they had planned - but what fun!!!

Frankie Goes to France Ingrid Jonach & Cheryl Orsini (Pan Macmillan)
Frankie is back and this time there is a wedding and a honeymoon for Frankie's mum is getting married Frankie absolutely must go to France on the honeymoon too - she is sure that she will be invited if she learns French. Bt great-aunt marmalade is in arrives and Frankie is sure that things wont work out. And to top it off the local library is threatened with closure and only a Frankie article can keep it open. What is Frankie to do!

The Revenge of Dr Von Burpinburger John Heffernan & Alex Snellgrove (Pan Macmillan)
Eric & his pet mouse Einstein are back for another adventure and Dr Von Burpinburger is right in the thick of it as he tries to outwit Eric & Einstein and capture back his genius mouse. Plan after plan is attempted, he even attempts capture from a hot air balloon. All are failures but then suddenly the mad Dr hits on a plan that might just work. And when he captures Eric in school all seems lost.

Have a great time reading these books ... oh and the kids will too!

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