Saturday, August 23, 2008

Picture Book Beauties

I always like discovering new picture books. Here are some of the latest ones with great illustrations and lovely stories!

Mending Lucille Jennifer Poulter & Sarah Davis (Lothian)
This beautifully illustrated book is about a young girl's loss of her mother, the grief and the healing that eventually follows. Her father can't mend Lucille, the young girl's doll only mummy can, but when they meet a friendly waitress she does. And with the same healing and loving touch she helps the young girl too.

Hey, Cat! Felice Arena (Penguin)
Can a cat and mouse really love each other? Well according to this book they can - or can they! You will just have to read this wonderful picture book to see. Cat runs a warm bubbly bath. Cat even scratches mouse's back. The truth is revealed in the hilarious illustrations.

Baby Bird's Blankie Margaret Wild & Gwyn Perkins (Working Title Press)
A glorious story about baby bird who, when it comes to bedtime, keeps throwing his favourite blankie out of the nest - he wants to play instead of sleep. Each time he calls for mum or dad or granny to come and pick up his blankie again ready for the next game.

Jessica's Box Peter Carnavas (New Frontier)
Many children begin school wondering will other children play with me and Jessica has that question too. To make sure that she does have friends Jessica take her box to school - the box will have a surprise but each day she returned home without making any friends. But all that changed the day she took the box to school with something inside that was very special. A Treat.

Not Like Georgie Scott Hatcher, Heather Potter & Mark Jackson (Walker Books)
Beautiful illustrations and delightful text make this book wonderful.
A birthday Party is soon to happen but no one wants to come, every one is to busy and has an excuse not to come to the party but that is okay because Georgie is coming and they will have more fun than with everyone else anyway ... oh and he is this young boy's best friend too!

These picture books for young children are great reads and fun to look over again and again. Hope that you enjoyed some wonderful books this Book Week.

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