Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jokes and Steam - great Non Fiction!

Read and learn. read and laugh ... here are two books to get you going!

501 Great Aussie Jokes Louis Shea (Scholastic)
This book is packed filled with giggles and laughter and stacks of side splitting jokes. Joke lovers will certainly want this one.
Q: What do you call a computer superhero?
A: A screensaver!
Buy this book and not only will you have lots of laughs but you are supporting kids living with cancer. Grab it and giggle and laugh out loud!!!

Steam, Steel and Speed John Nicholson (Allen&Unwin)
Here is the fourth book in this wonderful series about transport, trade and travel in Australia.
Focusing on 1850s-1920s this book shows how the miracle of steam power brought Australia into the mechanical age. Find out how it changed Australia and read about paddle steamers trading up our inland waterways, steam engines riding the railroads and how steam powered factories produced a huge variety of goods as well as powered the tools used by the shearers or the crop growers. The books in this series are brilliant.

Have fun. Laugh lots!

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