Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Books

Australia creates wonderful picture books and here are some new ones. Some of these are for babies and preschoolers and other for those slightly older. All of them will be enjoyed.

My Big Sister and also My Big Brother Jeannette Rowe (ABC Books)
These flip the flap books are just perfect for the very young. Great for reading aloud and sharing they even have a page at the back of the book for children to glue in their own photos of their favourite big sister or brother. Flip these flaps to find out why big brothers and big sisters are so special.

Dorothy's Memory Book Bruno Bouchet & Mitch Vane (ABC Books)
Fans of Dorothy the dinosaur and Wags the dog are going to really enjoy this book as the two stars take a trip down memory lane flipping through Dorothy's new photo album. A beautiful book about friendship and caring.

Brave Little Penguin Anna Pignataro (Scholastic)
This is a lovely story about a little penguin and his dad and the discovery by Little Penguin of independence that he never knew he had! Nothing though could be better than when Papa comes back from fishing and together they call in the stars one by one.

Sometimes Love is Under Your Foot Colin Thompson (Scholastic)
Kevin the dog loves the family he lives with but he especially like Brian (the dad). The family love him too although Brain often ignored Kevin and sometimes even stepped on his tail. When Brian becomes ill things change and soon instead of stepping on his tail, sending him outside or ignoring him Brian and Kevin become wonderful friends.

Special Kev Chris Mckimmie (Allen&Unwin)
Special Kev is special because out of all his eleventy million cousins he is the only one with curly red hair and freckles. Love is strong in his extended family but when Kev's cousin moves away he becomes lonely and soon gets into trouble when he plays football with Nicky. A story about love and family and friends and everyone being special.

Cindy-Ella Tom Champion and The Redback On The Toilet Seat Slim Newton (Scholastic)
Two more Aussie Gems that take classic aussie titles a new life.
Cindy-ella is of course the Cinderella story told in a totally aussie setting while redback is an wonderfully illustrated version of the classic redback song

Enjoy these wonderful Aussie picture books ... and don't forget - reading is power!

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