Saturday, June 26, 2010

early chapter books for young readers

More terrific junior books:

Crooked Mick Dave Luckett & Andrew Joyner (Scholastic)
The books in the Mates series are all junior novels with clear text and short chapters. They are illustrated in full colour and are fun reads - as the subtitle says - Great Australian yarns.

This title stars Crooked Mick of the Speewah - who can do anything - like spilt a hardwood post by look at it, or twitch his eyebrows to drive a bullocky team, or even ride lightning bolts bareback. Crooked Mick is an outback legend
All this is being discussed around a campfire in the outback by a Jackaroo, a drover and an old bushman - who is the wandering bushman?

Fool's Gold Margaret Clark & Andrew McLean (Penguin)
This is another delightful title in the Aussie Bites series - books that are just right for readers who have progressed past the beginning chapter books, but not quite ready for the longer junior chapter books.

Set in the Victorian gold fields of the middle 1800s two boys need money - or find gold to buy food. Their families are hungry and the slate at the local goldfield store is full - no money, no food! But jack finds a back entrance into the store and is soon borrowing food - even writing or drawing IOU notes. There is also a legend about McHools gold that lies somewhere around - if the boys can only find the gold, then everything will be alright. But first they have to contend with Laura, the store owner's daughter, and the curse that is said to be on the gold!

Joe's Boat Raewyn Caisley & Anne Spudvilas (Penguin)
This is another delightful title in the Aussie Nibbles series - books that are just right for younger readers who are tackling their very first chapter books.

Joe and his dad have arrived at Great-uncle Allan’s beach house and in the shed there is a boat. Joe loved everything about this place so much that he couldn't sit still to eat his lunch. And Bob arrives, an elderly friend who shows and tells Joe all about lures and tackle and helps clean the boat - while Joe’s dad sets about cleaning the house. Joe can't wait until they can take the boat out and go fishing.

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