Saturday, June 19, 2010

Young Readers Stepping Out

Thes are new titles for the young reader who is movng away from picture books and tackling books on their  own. These are just lovely.

the Honey and Bear Stories Ursula Dubosarsky & Ron Brooks (Puffin)
Honey is a bird and Bear is a bear and for the first time all of the ten Honey and Bear stories are together in this one lovely book - complete with colour illustrations too.
The stories are short and easily read. They are gentle, calming and reassuring, touching on issues that are part of every youngster’s life. These stories are just perfect for the beginning readers who want to read by themselves. The illustrations are masterful.
It is terrific to see these two delightful characters back again!

Squidnapped! David Metzenthen David & Stephen Axelsen
When a little girl wanders along the beach showing her prize catch to beachgoers she gets lost. At the same time her parents get worried wondering where she is and start looking for her. When a baby squid is taken from the sea by the little girl the parents of the missing baby squid start getting worried too wondering where their youngster is and they too start searching. Eventually both youngsters, squid and human are reunited with their parents but what an adventure they both have! Another great book in the Aussie Nibbles series ... books with large clear text and delightful illustrations that are just the ones for young readers who want to read by themselves.

Lighthouse Lucy Kate walker & Serena Geddes (Blake)
Lucy, the lighthouse keeper, likes a quiet life but when unexpected visitors arrive and her life becomes noisy, first a ghost, then a sea lion and then a giant squid, Each of the arrivals stay at the lighthouse which soon isn't quiet any longer - but Lucy doesn't mind... she likes the noise. Then, when a storm blows up Lucy, with the aid of her visitors has to go to rescue of drowning sailors - and she soon finds out that the quiet life is no longer for her. This chapter book for the young reader is a lovely story with absolutely fantastic illustrations.

Pearlie In Central Park Wendy Harmer & Gypsy Taylor (Random House)
Another Pearlie book is always a delight for young girls starting to read on their own. And this is the latest. This time Pearlie has left Jubilee Park because Queen Emerald has arranged for Pearlie to stay with Crystals the Central park fairy for a wonderful winter holiday. But when Pearlie arrives Crystal has left for her holidays leaving Pearlie to look after the park. What an adventure Pearlie has with her new friends the squirrels in the park. There is food to find and an ice skating show to present and of course spring is to come too!.
Pearlie fans will love this one!


These books are great for young readers stepping out on their own.

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